The Differences Between the Sodastream Soda Maker and the ISI Soda Siphon

The Sodastream Soda Maker and the ISI Soda Siphon may seem to be similar products. They both create soda water and require CO2 carbonation chargers that cost to replace or refill. Neither requires batteries or electricity plus is great as an economical kitchen appliance. The differences, however, between these domestic devices are pertinent and perceptible.

The ISI Soda Siphon is a refrigeratable product that enables one to make soda water inside the device. This is a more environmentally friendly kitchen appliance in comparison to the Sodastream makers for no plastic bottles are used. It is 13 X 4.2 X 4.1 inches in size, four inches taller than the Sodastream models and weighs three pounds when empty, a perfect fit for any refrigerator. The ISI CO2 soda chargers for this are available in an economical 10-pack. This eye appealing appliance comes with a convenient measuring tube to prevent overfilling, has safety features that include pressure control, is easy to clean and makes thirty-two ounces of soda water.

Sodastream has two different soda maker designs to create delicious sparkling water or soda directly in the refrigeratable bottles. The Sodastream Fountain Jet Soda Maker is a more encased model where the bottle fits inside. The other soda maker style has the bottle attached at the top suspended from the apparatus. Both models are 9 X 6 X 17 inches and are specifically made for being stored in a small space; excellent for small kitchens, motor homes or boats. Sodastream recommends contacting them via the internet for their CO2 carbonator refills. These two sleek models come with reusable washable plastic bottles that have carbonation preserving closures and make one liter of soda or sparkling water in thirty seconds.

Both soda makers have their replacement items, bottles or CO2 chargers, obtainable online. The Sodastream Soda Maker and ISI siphon are environmental conscientious and durable. Customer reviews indicate ISI products last up to 25 years. These soda makers are reasonably priced for starter kits or individually. Depending upon one’s preferences including soda water requirements, either device would be a brilliant money saving addition for the kitchen.

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