What Does a Massage Therapist Job Consist Of?

Everyone thinks that the profession of a massage therapist could be done by anyone with hands. This is so far from the truth that it hurts the feelings of all good massage therapists. Any good massage therapist has learned from the necessary training it takes to get massage therapy certification that this career has been burdened with a bad reputation for a very long time and some still believe these old tales. In any of the massage therapy training options, whether it is one of the massage therapy schools, medical massage therapy training, or one of the massage therapy online programs, the standards are quite high and the schooling required could be up to twelve months. The curriculum teaches anatomy, pathology, hygiene, public health, and professional ethics. Also included in the massage therapy schools are classes in the use of mechanical vibrating equipment, steam and heat treatment methods, ultraviolet and infrared light treatments, and many types of water therapy.

Massage therapists must be knowledgeable in the types of lubricants and aromas that will produce the greatest level of enjoyment for their clients. If they are performing medical massages therapy, they also need to know the specific pressure points on a body that will produce the effect that is needed to induce the best reaction for stimulation required to heal a body part. The techniques the massage therapist needs to know are very complicated and require knowledge of how the body works in regard to pain. What causes it, how to stop it, how to keep it from returning, and many more massage techniques are necessary knowledge that a masseuse must know. As can be seen, massage is not just rubbing on someone’s skin for a few minutes with some type of lubricant. The body’s system in regards to pain is not easily understood, but people are amazed what the touch of an educated massage therapist can do in a matter of minutes.

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